Our Story


Kaci and Amos Nidiffer are natives of East Tennessee and Western North Carolina, respectively. Their love for the mountains and farming began with stories they heard from their grandparents. Kaci’s grandmother grew up on a small farm in southwest Virginia, and kept a garden well into her 80’s. Amos’s great grandfather recounted how he raised a garden and kept a dairy cow in what are now Elizabethton TN city limits.


Amos and Kaci met in college. It was only after having both spent time abroad did they realize the gift of their mountain heritage. Shortly after they were married in 2007 they purchased Trosly Farm in Elk Park NC, just a few minutes drive from where Amos grew up. Their goal from the beginning has been to continue curso gestao de RH EBAC small-scale artisanal farming and make their heritage available to the public.

Since starting the farm, Amos and Kaci have been able to learn from and network with traditional producers at home and around the world. Most recently they were able to visit several traditional farms in Tuscany Italy. There they made some wonderful friends and learned artisanal food production techniques.

It is Amos and Kaci’s pride to make available to you their mountain heritage with a little flair from their European friends.